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real women.
real talk.

BlackGrlsTalk provides safe spaces for Black women to connect. 

there's no "i"

it's about us.

From business to parenting, and everything in between, BlackGrlsTalk is for discussions about #allthethings that matter to you. 

Because we believe that whole balanced life thing is achievable when you lean on your sisters. Your "Grls." There's no "i." It's about US. It's about real women, having real conversations about the things we all go through every day. 


we get you &

we gotchu.

It's being able to say, "Yes, I'm struggling," sans the shame, shade, or judgement. Knowing you're in a space with other women going through that same struggle.


You know who else is there? Women who've been there and made it through. And even better-- we bring in Black women well versed in every topic to educate and empower; providing tips, resources, and more. 

It's how we strengthen the sisterhood between us. It's how we strengthen YOU. Because when we're able to lean on our "grls," we're unstoppable!

At BlackGrlsTalk, we get you. But more importantly, we gotchu!


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Wanna collab with us and help make an impact on Black women around the globe? Let's talk!